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The Kamakura Period
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98 - Katsura-me or peasant woman of Katsura village selling food in Kyoto
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
1 katsura-tsutsumi
2 kosode
3 hoso-obi
4 tekoh
5 kyahan
6 oke
7 wara-no-wa
"Katsura-me (=woman from Katsura village)" lives in Katsura, the western suburbs of Kyoto. She is a woman who sells the sweetfish of the Katsura River and candies. She has the custom of rolling a long white cloth on the head. This is called the "katsura-tsutsumi" headband. This "katsura-tsutsumi" headband is originally "fukutai" (=abdominal obi belt), which was given from the ex-emperor Jinko at the time of conquesting three Han states in Korea. The pattern is made of the iris diaphragm by the figure in the photo wears a linen "kosode." She wears dyed "hoso obi" belt, a white "tekko" and a "kyahan" leg protectors,carrying carrying the sweetfish and the candy in the bucket.