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The Kamakura Period
- The Azuchi -Momoyama Period -
96 - Woman of the warrior class in street wear: a kosode pulled up over her head.
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
1 kosode o kazuku
2 kosode
3 hoso-obi
4 zori
5 ohgi
6 katsura-obi
The figure in the photo shows the informal townwear of the samurai woman in the Muromachi era. As for the body length and the sleeve width, "kosode" kimono is a short paddle. The cuff is small and the skirt is round. Its body width is as large as 2-jo. The "tsuji-ga-hana zome" dyeing method was begun at these days. And soon, the technology of dyeing and weaving progressed much more. The figure in the phot wears a thin and beautiful "kuke-obi" belt and pulls up the "kosode" kimono over its head. This style is called "kazuki (=pulling up)."