The Costume Museum Kyoto Japan Costume History in Japan
The Kamakura Period
- The Azuchi -Momoyama Period -
93 - Yamabushi (itinerant priest) in regular vest
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
1 tokin
2 yui-gesa
3 yui-gesa-no-bonten
4 suzukake
5 byaku-e
6 goma-gatana
7 hora-gai
8 tekou
9 rao
10 sosaku
11 shakujo
12 kuguri-bakama
13 hisshiki
14 hora-gai
15 midare-o (waraji)
The mountaineering Buddhism, which was originated by Saint Enoki Miozunu, is also called the "shugen-do" , mountaineering asceticism. The ancient super-natural magical mountain worship of Japan accepted Taoism-thought which was inherent in Buddhism in the name of Esoteric Buddhism. And it developed as "zaike (=at home)" Buddhism. It makes a mountains zone a central exercise hall, and puts emphasis on very practical activity.