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The Kamakura Period
- The Azuchi -Momoyama Period -
86 - Warrior general in kogusoku armor.
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
1 hikitate-eboshi
2 hachimaki
3 nodowa
4 waidate-no-tsuboita
5 koshigatana
6 kote
7 sage-o
8 sune-ate
9 ohtateage
10 yoroi-hitatare-no-shimo
11 gunsen
12 tsuranuki
13 nodowa-no himo
14 waidate-no koshi-o
15 Yoroi-hitatare-no-kami
16 habaki
17 kawa-tabi
18 yugake
The suit of this armor is called "ko-gusoku (=small armor)." A samurai when he is inside of a position at the battlefield, "ko-gusoku (=small armor)" is a minor armor for relaxing. He wears a "hikitate-eboshi" head-gear, a white "hachimaki (=head band)", a "yoroi-hitatare" which is yellow green in color. Moreover, he wears a pair of "yugake" leather gloves for hands, and a "kote" protector to the left arm . He wears "nodowa" (=neck ring) for the neck. He wears "waidate" protector which is a part of "ohyoroi" (=big armor) onto the right side. He also wears "habaki","otateage no suneate" arm-protector, leather tabi, and a pair of leather shoes called "tsuranuki". He hangs a waist sword from the waist and has a "gunsen" fan which a samurai used to command an army at the battlefield.