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The Era of Ancient Burial Mounds
The Era of Ancient Tomb Culture
6 - A Man Wearing Kinu, Hakama and Mo (pleated skirt)
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
The Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
1 Kinu and Crown
2 Mizura-style Hair
3 Necklace
4 Kinu (cloth)
5 Chest Roibbon for Kinu
6 Walking Stick
7 Sleeve Strap and Gem
8 Shizuri Belt
9 Long Kabutsuchi Sword
10 Mo (pleated skirt)
11 Pants Strap
12 Hakama
13 Leather Shoes
According to Kojiki, Tachibana-no-odo of Hyuga in Chikushi was forced to perform his purification ceremony. Taking such description in Kojiki and clay images into consideration, this costume was deceded. A man wears A cloth crown on the head, Mizura-style hair, pipe-sleeved Kinu, Mo (pleated skirt) and Shizuiri belt on the waist. He also wears a loose-fit Hakama with pants straps,
a necklace about his neck, Tamaki gems by the wrists, leather shoes and a walking stick.
Note: No description on Mo is found in Nihonshoki.