The Costume Museum Kyoto Japan Costume History in Japan
The Heian Period  
48 - Imperial guard in regular uniform, "kachi-e."
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
1 kanmuri crown
2 kanmuri no hosoei
3 kanmuri no hosoei
4 hitoe
5 kachie
6 ya
7 tsubo pot
8 tachi sword
9 tsurumaki
10 yumi bow
11 kukuri-bakama
12 ichibi-habaki
13 wara-gutsu shoes
This is the formal costume for lrs. This costume is called "kachi-e," the regular uniform of imperial guard, a low-class military officer. Its sleeves are sewn to the body at the place of shoulders just like "ketteki no ho." The composite figure is wearing a navy blue "kachi-e" of which material is supposed to be cloth and color varies. The crown with "hosoei (= thin ornamental string)" has "oikake (=fan-shaped ornaments)" on the left and right sides. The "hitoes" are worn one over another and the "hakama" is fastenable type called "kukuri-bakama," which is made of cloth. The imperial guards also wear straw sandals or boots called "ichibi-habaki." They carried long swords with japan-finished black cases, and bows with arrows for some particular purposes.