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The Heian Period  
44 - Court lady in everyday wear for winter with "kouchiki (=robe)" and "naga-bakama (=long divided skirt)."
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
1 sage-gami hair
2 sagegami no binsogi
3 kinu or uchiki
4 hitoe
5 aka no hakama
This is a composite figure of a court lady in everyday wear. "Uchiki (=robe)" is worn over "hitoe." A red "hakama" is worn and a white "kosode" is worn under "hitoe." This dress is for winter season. "uchiki" is "nibaiori." "hitoe" is "kartaji-aya" patterned with "saiwaibishi-mon." The"uchiki" was sometimes worn in layers. The court lady holds "akome oogi (=fan)" in her hand. The hair style is straight long hair. Beside the cheeks, she has a pair of short hair called "binsogi" which is the mark of married or an engagement