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MEIJI until showa period  
166 - Emperor's ceremonial robe, ohiki-nohshi.
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
The Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
1. ryuei-no on-kanmuri
2. kakeo
3. o-hikinohshi
4. naga-on-kinu
5. naga-on-hitoe
6. on-nagabakama
7. on-hikinohshi-no ran
8. on-kumiobi
9. on-shaku
10. on-tatoh
11. on-hiohgi
The robe in the phot is the Emperor's "o-hiki-nohshi". Since the "suso (=skirt)" of the "o-nohshi" robe was pulled, it was named "o-hiki(=pull)-nohshi." In case the Imperial messenger is sent to the Imperial mausoleums of Emperor Jingu, Emperor Jinmu, and four generations of the former Emperors at the time of the ceremony of accession to the throne, the Emperor wears it. The ensemble of the ceremonial costume: see chart-2 on page 436.