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The Edo Period  
159 - Young married commoner in kosode.
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan

1 sakkoh-mage
2 kosode
3 shita-gi
4 obi
5 age-obi
In the late Edo era, in its best of the young wife of the town house of the "Kamigata" (=Osaka and Kyoto) area The pattern of the embroidery skirt with "koryu-mon" in "nando" color.Indigo blue which was somber greenish It is in fashion in the second half of Edo. Solid dragon pattern embroidery skirt Have clothes on in piles several sheets. The "rinzu" silk fabrics in glossy blue color. The "obi" band of textiles is tied on the back. Since it is a style on the street, the "kosode", a kimono with short sleeves is tucked up. The "kosode" kimono in the photo is the personal effect of Koto who was the wife of the 6th generation of the Kinokuniya, an old family in Kyoto, who performed the dealer of medicine.