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144 - Komachi-odori, a popular dance in Kyoto, performed by beautiful girls.
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan

1 Kazashi
2 Hachimaki
3 Uchiwa-taiko
4 Bachi
5 Tasuki
6 Obi
7 Kakae-obi
8 Shitagi (juban)
The Komachi-odori (= young ladies' dance) is one of the Tanabata-odori dances. *Tokugawa Iemitsu went up to Kyoto in the 11th year of Kanei (1634). For that occasion, the young ladies of the town in Kyoto welcomed him, and danced around the streets of Kyoto in the Tanabata night (July 7th); this is the origin of the Komachi-odori. They danced the surroundings of a Japanese umbrella in red color, striking drums. The dance was performed briskly in the city of Kyoto for a long period of time. The dancer in the photo wears a headband which had some artificial flowers on the head; she also wears a "kata-ginu (=one-sleeve)" kimono which is fastened with a "nugi-obi (=removing obi)" band. She hangs a "tasuki" sash from the left shoulder with the right sleeve tucked up, and has a small drum.