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The Edo Period  
143 - Geisha in summer kimono.
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan

1 Shimada-mage
2 Kushi
3 Kohgai and hirauchi
4 Hitoe
5 Maru-obi
6 Dansen (=uchiwa)
7 Kaishi
The costume in the photo is the summer holiday clothes of the geisha in Edo city in the later half of Edo era. The figure wears a "hitoe (=one-piece)" kimono, with five family crests; a "maru-obi (=round obi)" band of 9 sun width is tied on the back. The "mage (=chignon)" is in the "Shimada-mage" style; a "kohgai" hair ornament and a silver-made ornamet for ladies are on the chignon.