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The Suiko Asuka Era  
14 - The Clothes of Civil Service Officer in the Period of Tenmu and Jitoh Dynasty
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
1 Laquered Gauze Cap
2 Laquered Gauze Cap Koji
3 Laquered Gauze Cap Swallowtail
4 Ho (Robe)
5 Neck Ribbon
6 Long Sash
7 Ho Apron
8 Inner Clothe Sleeve
9 Ho Apron Fringe
10 White Trousers
11 Shoes
Little was known about the costumes of the Asuka Era which used to be presumed to be similar to the costumes of the Nara Era. However, in 1972 Takamatsuzuka Tomb was unearthened and the famous wall painting was found which triggered explication of the costumes of this era. The wall painting is considered to be created around the end of the Tenmu's reign or the beginning of the Jito's reign. The civil officer wears a laquered gauze cap which was regulated in the eleventh reign of Tenmu