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The Edo Period  
132 - Young unmarried woman at the nobility in full dress in private.
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan

1 Tsubuichi-mage
2 Kami-kazari
3 Aigi
4 Kaidori
5 Hakoseko
6 Obi
7 Ohgi
The figure in the photo shows the full dress that the princess of Imperial Court wears when appearing in the private ceremony of her family. Her hairstyle is featured with the "tsubuichi" chignon, a "hanakanzashi", an ornament with decoration of an artificial flower, the "hirauchiosashi", an "aida-gi (=middle clothes)" garment which is made of red silk crape, and a fully patterned "kaidori" or "uchikake" dress of "beni-chijimiji-sakura-giku", which literally means "Silk crape cloth, the patterns of cherry trees and chrysanthemums." The "obi" band is "chufuku (=medium width) type and is weaved. This is the style of the later half of Edo era.