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The Edo Period  
131 - A citizen attire an undergarment made of paper
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan

1 Futatsuore-no-mage
2 Komon-no-haori
3 Kamiko-no-juban
4 Kosode
5 Tabi
6 Ohgi
Around the middle of Edo era, the economic powerof the common people has been developed. Responding to that, their dress became gorgeous in general. Furthermore, as a reaction to that, the dress rule to the common people became strict. Naturally their extravagant fashion shifted to the lining cloth from the coat, and then to the underwear. The "kamiko (=paper child)" kimono was the dress of the people of poor class originally. Since the keeping-warm nature of "kamiko" kimono was excellent, those who were economically generous worn it in elaborated design. The figure in the photo wears "juban" underwear with Otsue caricatures. He removes one sleeve of the "kosode" kimono and "haori" jacket to show his shoulder; it is a stylish form.