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The Edo Period  
126 - Court lady in everyday wear: kosode (short-sleeved kimono) and ogoshibakama (skirt-trousers)
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
1. o-chu
2. shirotakenaga
3. Saishi
4. kobinsaki
5. nagakamoji
6. shiro-kosode
7. aka-no-hakama-no-koshi
8. aka-no-hakama
In the last stage of Edo era, a white "kosode (=short-sleeved) kimono and a red "ohgoshi-bakama" trousers, a type of "naga-bakama" tropusers, which was attached with a special broad "koshi-himo (=waist string) string was worn. The special dress which the high-class court lady had on only in the near sight of the Emperor. Instead of the white "kosode (=short-sleeved kimono)", a dyed "iro-kosode" (=colored short-sleeved kimono) was worn in some cases. The hair is done in the "chu-suberakashi" hairstyle which is commonly called "o-chu (=medium)". The lady before marriage wore a dark-colored "hakama" trousers; the figure in the photo wears an original red "oh-bakama" trousers.