The Costume Museum Kyoto Japan Costume History in Japan
The Edo Period  
121 - A teacher of tea-ceremony in ceremonial costume at Shogun's castle.
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
1. Juttoku
2. Noshime-kosode
3. Suehiro (=chukei)
4. Shiro-bakama
The "cha-sho" (=tea-ceremony technician) who served the shogun's family or daimyo (=domain lord) was called "chado (=tea ceremony)". Especially at the castle of shogun family, many "chado-shuu (=tea-ceremony people)" served the"sado-gashira "(=tea-ceremony teacher)" or the " sukiya-gashira (=tearoom teacher)". The costume in the photo is the full dress of the "chado-gashira (=tea-ceremony teacher): the "shinome-kosode (=short-sleeved kimono)", the white "naga-bakama (=long hakama)" trousers, wide-sleeved "juttoku" coat which is made of the black silk gauze textile. The figure has a "suehiro (=spreading end)" fan. It is the style which is ranked second to the one of daimyo (=domain lord).