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The Suiko Asuka Era  
12 - The Court Costume of the Suiko Dynasty ( Female)
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
1 Straight Hair Tied Up In the Back
2 Straight Hair Tied Up In the Back
3 shibiradatsumono
4 Hem of Ho
5 Long Belt
6 Underwear Sleeve
8 Hem of RAN
9 HIRAMI (Fringe)
10 MO (Detached Long Skirt)
The Sui Chi regarding Japan make reference to the ancient female costume as follows. Deducing form this reference and the drawing of TENJUKOKUSHUCHO, the female costume is alsmost same as its counterpart. Instead of Hakama (pleated skirt), women wore HIRAMI (pleated skirt) and had straight hair tied up in the back.
HO with RAN was redish, the HEM was yellow and green brocade, the long belt was white silk, the underwear was white, HIRAMI was yellow and Mo was dark yellow