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The Suiko Asuka Era  
11 - The Court Costume of the Suiko Dynasty (Men's)
The Costume Museum Kyoto JapanThe Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
The Costume Museum Kyoto Japan
1 Crown
2 Crown Rim
3 Jacket
4 Cheststring
5 Jacket Hem
6 Underwear [Inner Cloth] Sleeve
7 Belt
8 Skirt
9 Skirt Hem
10 Pleated Skirt
11 Divided Skirt for Man's Formal Weari
12 Divided Skirt Hem
13 Shoes
14 Scepter
The costumes of the era in the reign of the Emperor Suiko were unknown in the past. The statue of Prince Shotoku, which is the property of the Horyuji Temple, was believed to be produced in the period of Tenmu Dynaty. However, by unearthening the Takamatsuzuka Burial Mound, its production date was found to be earlier than the period of Tenmu Dynasty. Cosidering the costume of the court ladies in the wall painting of Takamatsuzuka BurialMound, the costumes found in Tenjukokushuucho are probably the ones in the Suiko Dynasty. There is a following description in Nihonshoki. "The Emperor Suiko established official rank system in his 11th sovereign year. The system consists of 12 ranks: Daitoku, shotoku, taijin, shojin, tairei, shorei, taishin, shoshin, taigi, shogi, taichi, shochi. Colored cloth is attached to the top of headgear with brim ???" "In his 13th sovereign year, the Emperor ordered the prince and monarchs to wear official coats." "In the 16th sovereign year,